PhD Scholarship

The Australian Research Council, along with our industry partners, are providing this Transformation Training Centre funding for 12 PhD Scholarship to support research with enabling the transformation of maintenance through the use of data science. 

The scholarships are spread across three themes, as illustrated in the Home page.

1 Support the Maintainer

2 Support the Engineer (fully subscribed)

3 Support the Manager

We have awarded 9 Scholarships and are looking to assign a further 3 Scholarships.  

We are currently offering scholarships for PhD research in Themes 1 Support the Maintainer and Theme 3 Support the Manager.   If you are interested in these research areas then please consider applying for this scholarship.

The studentship offered in this opportunity will consist of student stipend of ~AUD $30,000 to study for a PhD enrolled at either Curtin University or the University of Western Australia. Tenure is 3.0 years full-time, with the possibility of a single six-month extension.

During the tenure, you will spend a minimum of twelve months working on your PhD while on a placement supported by industry.  In addition to your placement you will also undertake an approved 6-month internship funded by our industry partners.
Whether you plan to move into industry at the end of your PhD or pursue an academic career, this is an invaluable opportunity to develop a unique understanding of industry related research challenges.

Application Process

Expression of Interest (EOI)

Provide an Expression of Interest (EOI) reflecting your academic background in the area of study, and why you are interested in pursuing a PhD in this field.

The EOI should be a maximum of 500 words that must include which Theme and project that you are interested in addition to your academic background and suitability. To review the projects associated with the three research themes please review the information on the home page under each theme.

Along with your EOI, please upload your CV/Resume and your academic transcripts in PDF format.  If you are planning to study at UWA you should use this UWA link. If you have difficulty with this link please email directly to  Those planning to study at Curtin University should send documents to

Selection for interview and presentation to Industry Partners

Your EOI will be reviewed by Theme Leaders and Researchers. If you are successful, you will be asked to attend an interview either in person or by web conference answering questions around your research experience. If you are successful, we will put forward a recommendation to our Industry Partners. With their support, supervisors from one or both universities will be selected based on who would best support your research. The primary Supervisor will determine which University you will need to enrol.

Successful application to a University

If successful, you will be offered a scholarship subject to being accepted by the University as a PhD candidate.


For general information contact:




For further clarification on each research theme please contact Theme leaders as follows: