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This symposium brings together users, creators and publishers of vocabularies across multiple domains and sectors in Australia. Delegates will share current experiences and future requirements as we collectively move towards a state of FAIR vocabularies that underpin cross-domain data reuse.
Anyone with an interest in vocabularies is welcome to participate. The event will be of particular interest to researchers, data managers, vocabulary publishers, librarians and policy developers across the research, government and industry sectors.
Link to symposium schedule: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1o2iR66FJBHoQXQaGHXJpTbfAXqvsQWrlYhy7-DDDLps/edit#heading=h.tnrjzpe82bz11
Link to abstract: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1dhDAkQfby2m_-8yT_5gwyqMqN5NEbmeC1yYOkUOxnu8/edit

Jens presentation introduction
Motivation/context for work is the need for

  • semantic interoperability
  • life cycle information exchange
  • operational information exchange
    Which KOS to use to structure your equipment hierarchy data?
    Criteria for KOS selection
  • Scope of KOS
  • Public availability
  • Actively maintained
  • Engineering Standards

Hierarchy Equipment Coding Systems

Open-Source Knowledge Bases

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