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Dr Debora Correa

Authors: Eugene Tan, Shannon Alga, Débora Corrêa, Michael Small, Thomas Stemler and David Walker1



Chaos 33, 032101 (2023)

33, 032101 (2023)

2023 Author(s). Published under an exclusive license by AIP Publishing.

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This paper has three main objectives. # First, to provide a simple overview of the challenges of selecting good embedding parameters. # Second, to collate and compare the various popular methods across the dynamics-topology spectrum that have been proposed to tackle the problem of embedding parameter selection. We will focus on the particular case of optimizing time delay embedding. # Finally, to present a different approach based on the growing field of persistent homology—the significance score—that attempts to incorporate both dynamical and topological arguments into selection of embedding parameters.

DOI: 10.1063/5.0137223