Prof Melinda Hodkiewicz University of Western Australia

Prof Melinda Hodkiewicz

Chief Investigator

Theme 1


Online via Zoom

Melinda Hodkiewicz is presenting - Building a Data Fit Organisation. A topic very pertinent to the success implementing the research outcomes within industry. See details below if you would like to register for this webinar.

Abstract: Evidence of use of AI-models to inform and drive day-to-day decisions about industrial assets is sparse despite significant investment in platforms, processes and developing models. While employees understand their roles in safety, cost and production, expectations for their behaviours and responsibilities towards the data they generate, manipulate and use are not clear.

This talk describes the Data Fit approach for industries involved in implementing AI to support decisions by engineers, scientists and technicians. The novelties of the Data Fit framework are a) data workflows, b) roles and behaviours for all involved (lead, enabler, consumer, composer, custodian and creator), and c) an explicit need for feedback loops. Development involved the observation of over 100 data work flows. Technical subject matter experts and their managers report that the Data Fit framework provides clarity about expectations for behaviours of all involved in the data workflows. This leads to improve process quality and enables more consistent delivery of business value through data.

Presenter: Professor Melinda Hodkiewicz is an academic working on multi-disciplinary projects to improve maintenance, asset management and safety practices though data, statistics and AI. Her early career was in operations and maintenance roles in the resources industry. Over the last decade she has been a keen observer of the progress, or lack there of, of embedding AI data workflows that routinely inform decision making about asset performance in heavy industry.

Presentation co-author: Zane Prickett is a Founder of Unearthed a large global community of innovators and SMEs solving challenges in the resources sector and CORE Skills developing skills pathway for technical experts in the resource industry. He has extensive operational experience in the international Oil & Gas industry.

About the Data Fit Organisation program The DFO program is a collaboration between groups including Australian Government and industry co-funded Centre for Transforming Maintenance through Data Science, CORE Skills, a training organisation, and organisational psychologists at the Curtin University Future of Work Institute.

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