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Dr Keyao Li

Research Fellow

Theme 4


Online conference hosted from the UK

The University-Industry Interaction Conference is the annual conference of the University Industry Innovation Network (UIIN), which brings together up to 1000 managers, practitioners and researchers in the field of entrepreneurial universities, collaborative innovation and university-industry interaction each year. Now in its 9th year, the conference is one of the largest conferences in this field and provides its participants with 3 days of inspiring sessions, sharing knowledge and interacting with peers. 

Eden presented on her research highlighting that elaborates the capability requirements of university-industry collaboration champions.
Project-based industry placement program is an important form of university-industry engagement. They provide opportunities to immerse students and researchers from university in the industrial working environment to collaborate on a specific project. A successful industry placement project brings benefits to both parties. Students and researchers from university can better understand business needs as well as the process of knowledge application in the workplace, enable practice of specific skills relevant to the subject domain, and generating insights for future research with a larger practical impact. At the same time, this collaboration promotes knowledge and technology transfer, bringing fresh momentum to industrial innovation and upskilling. Notwithstanding the potential benefits, the collaboration between academia and industry is not easy but complex, successful industry placement engagement requires champions from both sides as the driving force. The skills and competencies required to drive successful university-industry collaboration are important yet rarely studied. Therefore, this study elaborates the capability requirements of university-industry collaboration champions.

 ACTIVITY-220 Nurturing Collaboration? A Skill Set for University-Industry Collaboration Champions - CTMTDS Jira (maintenance.org.au)

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