Prof Melinda Hodkiewicz University of Western Australia

Prof Melinda Hodkiewicz

Chief Investigator

Theme 1


Zoom meeting

The Ghost in the Machine - Are we heading for a Predictive Analytics driven disaster?


Technological advances now mean that, in many instances, computers understand our equipment better than we do.  We are increasingly relying on the development and use of ever-more complex algorithms and artificial intelligence to control industrial equipment and predict and prevent its failure.  But leaving computers to run our plants is potentially dangerous.

 In this conversation, Melinda and Sandy will discuss the limitations and risks associated with predictive analytics and lay out a path for effectively managing those risks.  The conversation will cover:

  • The illusion that both data and algorithms are unbiased
  • The dangers of relying on complex predictive models
  • How to build humans into the decision-making process
  • The huge uplift in skills that will be required from reliability engineers and managers


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