Dr Keyao Li Curtin University

Dr Keyao Li

Research Fellow

Theme 4


Researchers Catch up with industry partners

Title: Are we ready to transform? Leadership capability for adopting data science solutions 


Abstract: One of the objectives of theme 4 research is to investigate the capabilities required for both individuals and organizations to unleash the potential of successful factors to data science innovation, thus in turn promote maintenance transformation. To fulfil this objective, placement project with the industry partner Roy Hill is currently being conducted. The project is to link the capabilities of maintenance supervisors with the uptake of data science solutions within their team. The Roy Hill Maintenance Work Management Process establishes the workflow by which workers identify, prepare, and complete all maintenance activities. Work management provides the foundations for maintenance strategy execution and continuous improvement, contributing to stable equipment reliability and availability for production. The skills and capabilities that are required for frontline workers to understand and conduct work management process with the application of advanced data science solutions have not been clearly identified. We need to ensure that our workers know what they need to do their role and have the skills to support our business in meeting its objectives. Given future development and business transformation in the new digital age, it is essential to deepen the understanding of not only the current skill requirements, but also the capabilities needed to thrive in the digital future.

The placement project with the industry partner Roy Hill was introduced during the presentation. Industry attendee: Ella Kashi from Roy Hill commented on the importance of project during the Q&A session after the presentation.