Dr Hoa Bui Curtin University

Dr Hoa Bui

Research Fellow

Theme 3

Hoa Bui is an applied mathematician who works on discrete nonlinear optimisation and operations research. Her primary research is to develop fast and exact algorithms backed up by rigorous mathematical theory for solving industrial-size optimisation problems.

She obtained her B.Sc. in Mathematics in 2016 and a PhD in Applied Mathematics in 2020. In 2020, she won the WIMSIG Maryam Mirzakhani Award from the Australian Mathematical Society.

She publishes research papers in Q1 journals such as European Journal of Operations Research, Journal of Optimization Theory and Applications, Journal of Combinatorial Theory - Series A.

Hoa is co-supervising PhD candidates Yingying Yang, Sandy Spiers and Ponpot Jartnillaphand

She is currently developing an optimisation-based platform for maintenance scheduling for her industry partners.