Journal Article

Dr Hoa Bui

Authors: Nguyen Hieu Thao, Hoa Bui, Nguyen Duy Cuong and Michel Verhaegen



Set-Valued and Variational Analysis Theory and Applications

Volume 28, issue 1, March 2020

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Peer Reviewed

Q1 Journal as rated in SJR

Relevance to the Centre

This is a collaboration with Prof. Michel Verahegen’s group at Deft University on ERC iCON project about integrating real-time and post-processing Image Restoration. This project develops key tools for developing low-cost high-resolution imaging instruments, using the complicated nonlinear optimization in post-processing. This research develops new techniques which are useful in cleaning noisy input data and improving data storage. This research will be useful for ITTC.

DOI: 10.1007/s11228-020-00531-7

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